David S. Rielly
DISNEY // Case Study

ROLE: Senior Copywriter

When one of my long-term strategist colleagues referred to me as a “generalist” at first I was taken aback. Surely it’s better to be a specialist than a generalist, right? He assured me it was a compliment, and when I stop and think I understand that my versatility is never more of an asset than when I’m writing for Disney Interactive.

Whether the executions are high-profile in-theater spots (Disney Family Titles, Disney Universe), game trailers (Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension, Alice in Wonderland, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairie Rescue), award-winning Facebook mini-games and short form vignettes (Disney Universe), online ads and dotcoms (Toy Story 3), or pitch-winning big ideas (Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned), I could always rely on my ability to “speak Disney” and deliver on-point executions to the widest variety of demographics.

Inspired by minigames inside the Disney Universe console game, we created Facebook games that helped our audience quickly understand what the game was about while having fun running up the score and competing and sharing with friends.

Won Bronze L.A. Addy for Best Online Game for Advertising: "Disney Universe" Facebook mini-games