David S. Rielly
WARNER BROS. // Case Study

ROLE: Senior Copywriter

Batman & Superman.
Gandalf & Gollum.
Scorpion & Sub-Zero.
Elmo & Cookie Monster.

Writing for the iconic characters of Warner Bros. is both thrilling and fraught with peril, as fans, brand teams and legal alike tend to place you in boxes you’re dying to think outside of.

But the constraints and established lore can also serve as fuel for innovation. When you create a new filter or lens for an audience to experience these favorites, the results can be sensational.

Working with animation legends Blur Studio, we wondered what it would be like if the heroes and villains of Middle-earth warmed up like pro athletes for an epic clash in the announce trailer for Guardians of Middle-earth. With infamous director Marcus Nispel at the helm, cursed brothers Point Man and Fettel of WBI’s action-horror F.E.A.R. franchise made their long-awaited live-action debut in a three-trailer arc for F.E.A.R 3. For Mortal Kombat, the award-winning VGA trailer introduced an iconic new character to the fight: Kratos from God of War.

I never take the trust of an established brand lightly, and knowing how to find the right mix of reverence and innovation keeps these collaborations feeling and fresh and vital.